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Daily weather data for the Netherlands - Download

From this page daily data of temperature, sunshine, cloud cover and visibility, air pressure, wind and precipitation can be downloaded for 35 automatic weather stations (AWS). Caution: these data have not been corrected for inhomogeneities due to station relocations and changes in measurement procedures.

Select initial and final date of the period of interest, elements and stations. Click "download data set" to retrieve the data.

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Only days of the year between initial and final date
Element Description
All elements
DDVECVector mean wind direction in degrees (360=north, 90=east, 180=south, 270=west, 0=calm/variable)
FHVECVector mean windspeed (in 0.1 m/s)
FGDaily mean windspeed (in 0.1 m/s)
FHXMaximum hourly mean windspeed (in 0.1 m/s)
FHXHHourly division in which FHX was measured
FHNMinimum hourly mean windspeed (in 0.1 m/s)
FHNHHourly division in which FHN was measured
FXXMaximum wind gust (in 0.1 m/s)
FXXHHourly division in which FXX was measured
TGDaily mean temperature in (0.1 degrees Celsius)
TNMinimum temperature (in 0.1 degrees Celsius)
TNHHourly division in which TN was measured
TXMaximum temperature (in 0.1 degrees Celsius)
TXHHourly division in which TX was measured
T10NMinimum temperature at 10 cm above surface (in 0.1 degrees Celsius)
T10NH6-hourly division in which T10N was measured
SQSunshine duration (in 0.1 hour) calculated from global radiation (-1 for <0.05 hour)
SPPercentage of maximum potential sunshine duration
QGlobal radiation (in J/cm2)
DRPrecipitation duration (in 0.1 hour)
RHDaily precipitation amount (in 0.1 mm) (-1 for <0.05 mm)
RHXMaximum hourly precipitation amount (in 0.1 mm) (-1 for <0.05 mm)
RHXHHourly division in which RHX was measured
PGDaily mean sea level pressure (in 0.1 hPa) calculated from 24 hourly values
PXMaximum hourly sea level pressure (in 0.1 hPa)
PXHHourly division in which PX was measured
PNMinimum hourly sea level pressure (in 0.1 hPa)
PNHHourly division in which PN was measured
VVNMinimum visibility
VVNHHourly division in which VVN was measured
VVXMaximum visibility
VVXHHourly division in which VVX was measured
NGMean daily cloud cover (in octants, 9=sky invisible)
UGDaily mean relative atmospheric humidity (in percents)
UXMaximum relative atmospheric humidity (in percents)
UXHHourly division in which UX was measured
UNMinimum relative atmospheric humidity (in percents)
UNHHourly division in which UN was measured
EV24Potential evapotranspiration (Makkink) (in 0.1 mm)

All stations
210 Valkenburg
215 Voorschoten
225 IJmuiden
235 De Kooy
240 Schiphol
242 Vlieland
249 Berkhout
251 Hoorn (Terschelling)
257 Wijk aan Zee
260 De Bilt
265 Soesterberg
267 Stavoren
269 Lelystad
270 Leeuwarden
273 Marknesse
275 Deelen
277 Lauwersoog
278 Heino
279 Hoogeveen
280 Eelde
283 Hupsel
286 Nieuw Beerta
290 Twenthe
310 Vlissingen
319 Westdorpe
323 Wilhelminadorp
330 Hoek van Holland
340 Woensdrecht
344 Rotterdam
348 Cabauw
350 Gilze-Rijen
356 Herwijnen
370 Eindhoven
375 Volkel
377 Ell
380 Maastricht
391 Arcen