Jesper  Spetzler

Jesper Spetzler

Senior scientist
R&D Seismology and Acoustics

About me

As a senior scientist, I work with induced seismicity due to depletion or injection of fluids in gas reservoirs. The Groningen gas field is my main focus area.


My background is seismology and seismic exploration. Primarily, I concentrate on the induced seismicity due to the production of gas in the Groningen field. I combine my diverse background to assess and monitor the Groningen gas field for induced Earthquakes, as well as, look for changes in the subsurface model over time. In another project, the effect of injected gas in a depleted hydro-carbon reservoir is investigated. Will the increase in volume of gas in the reservoir increase the induced seismicity? How can we quantify time-lapse changes in the subsurface?