Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute; Ministery Of Infrastructure And The Environment

Weather Observations
Tasks and Activities
Several research topics, including groundbased (in-situ and remote sensing) and satellite observations, are studied at KNMI.

  • Development of meteorological products based on geostationary (Meteosat) and polar (MetOp, NOAA) satellites.
  • Development of new weather radar products for the detection of severe weather phenomena, like summer hail, wind gusts, and heavy precipitation.
  • Optimizing the European synops observer network for the EUMETNET programs EUCOS, E-AMDAR, E-ASAP and E-GVAP
  • Investigation of ways to automize the visual observations of present weather and sight
  • Setting up routinely processing of groundbased GPS for use in Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Investigation of the posibility of a national network of windprofilers and/or Sodars, and the study of the impact of assimilating the data in a Numerical Weather Predict model.
  • Modifying the way observations at sea are gathered and processed; improving the availability of these data for third-parties by, for instance, participating in the "Nationale Oceanografische Data" Committee (NODC)
  • Contacts and representation with clients, national committees (BCRS), ESA, EUMETSAT, etc.