TROPOMI - the Instrument

TROPOMI technology

In order to improve with respect to the SCIAMACHY and OMI capabilities, the instrument has been designed with smaller ground pixels (optimizing the chance for cloud-free observations), improved signal-to-noise performance, and multiple overpasses per day to follow diurnal cycles.

TROPOMI is a non-scanning imaging absorption spectrometer. For an optimal thermical design there are independent UV/VIS/NIR and SWIR modules. An improved design and advanced detectors offer a larger viewing angle (115^o) and an ultra high resolution (10 x 10 km^2). TROPOMI has even smaller groundpixels than OMI but despite that fact a better signal-noise ratio. The SWIR-module uses unique immersed grating technology resulting in a reduction of the size of the instrument by a factor 40 compared to conventional grating technology. In addition the SWIR-possibilities of TROPOMI are a lot beter than those of SCIAMOACHY, both where the spacial resolution is concerned as well as the signal-noise ratio.