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Updated @ 2014-10-20 06:48 utc
OSI SAF ASCAT-B 25-km product
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ASCAT25, status: operational
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08-Oct-2014 The ASCAT winds have been unavailable on 8 October between 12:48 and 16:57 UTC sensing time due to a Metop-B out of plane manoeuvre.
09-Aug-2014 The ASCAT data have been unavailable on 8 August between 16:33 and 22:03 UTC sensing time for an unknown reason.
03-Jun-2014 The ASCAT winds have been unavailable on 2 June between 12:08 and 16:17 UTC sensing time due to a ground segment anomaly.
27-Mar-2014 The ASCAT winds have been unavailable on 26 March between 12:54 and 13:42 UTC sensing time due to an EPS ground segment anomaly.
29-Oct-2013 The ASCAT data have been unavailable on 29 October, between 6:31 and 10:51 UTC sensing time.
19-Jun-2013 AWDP version 2_2_01: preparation for ASCAT-B backscatter calibration change.
03-Jun-2013 Historic ASCAT-B data are available from the EUMETSAT Data Centre as of 3 June 2013.
14-May-2013 AWDP version 2_2_00: preparation for level 1b data format change.
06-Feb-2013 The ASCAT winds have been unavailable on 6 February between 1:12 and 4:00 UTC sensing time due to an issue with the KNMI EUMETCast reception station.
14-Nov-2012 First development version of ASCAT-B 25-km global wind product. AWDP version is 2_1_01.
The ASCAT Wind Product contains measurements of the wind direction and wind speed above the sea surface. The measurements are obtained through the processing of scatterometer data originating from the ASCAT instrument on EUMETSAT's Metop-B satellite, as described in the ASCAT Wind Product User Manual.

The processing is done in near-real time. From the sensing time of the last measurement in a product, it takes approximately 2 hours to get the corresponding wind product ready at KNMI.

The last 22 hours of data are shown in two separate plots showing ascending and descending tracks, respectively. This is done to avoid overlap of data in the pictures. Note that also data from previous days can be displayed using the link on the right hand side. The overview plots show color coded wind speed measurements. If you click somewhere in the satellite track, a picture appears showing the scatterometer winds in more detail.

Product monitoring information in near-real time is available through the corresponding link on the right hand side.

Note: This web site is not supported on a 24x7 basis and it should not be considered operational.
Access to products
This wind product is available in BUFR and NetCDF format. The products are available on a password protected FTP server (products of the last three days only). Contact the KNMI OSI SAF team for access.

For a swift response management procedure, user requests on this scatterometer wind data product should be issued at the Ocean and Sea Ice SAF website.

Note: All intellectual property rights of the OSI SAF and EARS products belong to EUMETSAT. The use of these products is granted to every interested user, free of charge. If you wish to use these products, EUMETSAT's copyright credit must be shown by displaying the words "copyright (year) EUMETSAT" on each of the products used.
KNMI hosts the operational deployment of the global products as part of the EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (OSI SAF), a project by Météo France, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the Danish Meteorological Institute, Ifremer and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI).

The processing software for the KNMI wind products is developed within the framework of the Numerical Weather Prediction Satellite Application Facility (NWP SAF) sponsored by EUMETSAT.