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Dr. R.J. (Reindert) Haarsma
Personal homepage
Department: Climate Research & Seismology - Global Climate Division
Function: Senior scientist
Address: P.O. Box 201, 3730 AE De Bilt, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 30 2206768
Telefax: +31 30 2202570
Web: www.knmi.nl/~haarsma
Recent research topics
  • Hurricanes and severe storms in high resolution runs
  • Anthropogenic changes in planetary atmospheric circulation
    - changes in atmospheric Blocking characteristics
    - Changes in European atmospheric circulation due to greenhouse warming
    - Interaction of soil moisture and atmospheric circulation over Europe
  • South and Tropical Atlantic variability using Speedy-MICOM. This work has been done in coorporation with University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    - Impact of THC variations on Tropical Atlantic variability
    - Predictability of Tropical Atlantic variability
    Former research
    • ECBILT: Development and reserach on the follwing topics:
      - North Atlantic Oscillation
      - Antarctic Circumpolar Wave
      - Solar induced climate variability
      - Millennial scale variability
      - Arctic climate variability
  Simulation of Hurricanes in high resolution (~25 km) version of EC-EARTH