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First 321 results for ”WJ Som de Cerff”

  1. EARLINET and the international ChArMEx and PEGASOS measurement campaigns in summer 2012

    Two international measurement campaigns are planned for the summer 2012: ChArMEx (The Chemistry- ...

    L Mona, M Sicard, A Amodeo, A Apituley, L Alados-Arbroledas, D Balis | 2012 | 2012 | CEAMA


  2. Maandoverzicht juli 2011

    Juli 2011: Zeer nat, koel en somber

    RJCF Sluijter | Maandoverzicht juli 2011 | 1-8-2011 | pp1


  3. Predicting ground motion from induced earthquakes in geothermal areas

    Induced seismicity from anthropogenic sources can be a significant nuisance to a local population...

    J Douglas, B Edwards, V Convertito, N Sharma, A Tramelli, D Kraaijpoel, B Mena Cabrera, N Maercklin, C Troise | published | Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America | 2013 | 103


  4. Seasonal Climate Extremes: Mechanisms, Predictability & Responses to Global Warming

    Climate extremes are rarely occurring natural phenomena in the climate system. They often pose on...

    ME Shongwe | published | Utrecht University | 2010


  5. Maandoverzicht februari 2011

    Februari 2011: Zacht, aan de sombere kant en de normale hoeveelheid neerslag

    RJCF Sluijter | Maandoverzichten februari 2011 | 1-3-2011 | pp1