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First 173 results for ” H Vedel”

  1. Stategy Report jan-Oct 2005

    A Goede | 2005 | 2005


  2. Support to Aviation Control Service (SACS): an online service for near-real-time satellite monitoring of volcanic plumes

    Volcanic eruptions emit plumes of ash and gases into the atmosphere, potentially at very high alt...

    H Brenot, N Theys, L Clarisse, J van Geffen, J van Gent, M Van Roozendael, RJ van der A, D Hurtmans, PF Coheur, C Clerbaux, P Valks, P Hedelt, F Prata, O Rasson, C Zehner | published | Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences | 2014


  3. Aviation Impacts on Climate: State of the Science

    DW Fahey, SL Baughcum, JS Fuglestvedt, M Gupta, DS Lee, R Sausen, PFJ van Velthoven | submitted | 2015


  4. Future Space Infrastructure

    APH Goede | 2006 | Margraf publishers, ISBN 3-8236-1391-X, Chapter 15.11 | 2000


  5. PROMOTE ESA GMES Service Element

    APH Goede | 2004 | 2004