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First 761 results for ” P Ingmann”

  1. Readiness Test Report DISC L2 Ingest

    JJ Claas | RP-OMIE-KNMI-874 | 20-4-2007 | pp0


  2. Zin en Onzin over Klimaatverandering

    Heeft de mens nu wel of geen invloed op de verandering van het klimaat? Loopt Nederland gevaar do...

    A Bregman | published | Idee | 2006


  3. DISC ingest of the OMAERO and OMO3PRO products

    JJ Claas | TN-OMIE-KNMI-873 | 4-4-2007 | pp0


  4. Readiness Test for the DISC-S4PA ingest of OMI L2 products

    JJ Claas | TN-OMIE-KNMI-873 | 0-0-2007 | pp0


  5. Forecast-based financing: an approach for catalyzing humanitarian action based on extreme weather and climate forecasts

    Disaster risk reduction efforts traditionally focus on long-term preventative measures or post-di...

    E Coughlan de Perez, BJJM van den Hurk, M van Aalst, B Jongman, T Klose, P Suarez | accepted | Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences | 2014