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First 922 results for ” S Charbit”

  1. Characteristics and development of European cyclones with tropical origin

    Using the Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) reanalysis data...

    M Dekker, RJ Haarsma, H de Vries, A van Delden, M Baatsen | Status: submitted | Journal: Clim. Dyn. | Year: 2016


  2. Characterisation of ERS-1 scatterometer measurements and wind retrieval

    A Stoffelen, D Anderson | Conference: Second ERS-1 symposium - Space at the service of our environment | Organisation: ESA | Place: Hamburg, Germany | Year: 1993 | First page: 0 | Last page: 0


  3. ERS-1 scatterometer data characteristics and wind retrieval skill

    A Stoffelen | Conference: First ERS-1 Symposium | Place: Cannes, France | Year: 1992 | First page: 0 | Last page: 0


  4. Characterization of Residual Information for SeaWinds Quality Control

    Recent work has shown the important properties of the wind inversion residual or Maximum Likeliho...

    M Portabella, A Stoffelen | Status: published | Journal: IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing | Volume: 40 | Year: 2002 | First page: 2747 | Last page: 2759 | doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2002.807750


  5. Major James Rennell\'s current charts digitally available

    G van der Schrier, H Wallbrink, C Wilkinson | Journal: History of Oceanography Newsletter | Volume: 19 | Year: 2007