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First 1948 results for ” A Manders”

  1. 2ERS-1 scatterometer data assimilation

    A Stoffelen, C Gaffard, D Anderson | 1993 | 1993 | ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


  2. From measurement to model: ERS-1 scatterometer data assimilation

    A Stoffelen, D Anderson, C Gaffard | 1993 | 1993


  3. Characterisation and assimilation of ERS1 scatterometer measurements

    A Stoffelen, D Anderson, C Gaffard | 1994 | 1994 | ESA/ESTEC | ESA/ESTEC


  4. SmogProg: Towards operational smog forecasts using near-real-time satellite measurements

    Smog forecasting in the Netherlands is a legal task of RIVM, performed in commission of and paid ...

    DPJ Swart, S Jongen, H Eskes, M Schaap, RMA Timmermans, A Segers, AMM Manders, FJ Sauter, JPJ Berkhout, DE Lolkema | 2008 | 2008


  5. Simulation of precipitation and discharge extremes of the river Meuse in current and future climate

    The river Meuse is the second largest river in the Netherlands and is characterized by strong var...

    R Leander | published | Universiteit Utrecht | 2009