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First 761 results for ”GW Mann”

  1. AWDP User Manual and Reference Guide, version 2.3

    User Manual and Reference Guide for the ASCAT Wind Data Processor (AWDP) software package produce...

    A Verhoef, J Vogelzang, J Verspeek, A Stoffelen | Year: 2014


  2. Aluminium and Manganese in the West Atlantic Ocean - a model study

    The cycling of aluminium and manganese in the ocean are modelled. Respective models are implement...

    MMP van Hulten | University: Rijksuniversiteti Groningen | Year: 2014


  3. SDP User Manual and Reference Guide version 2.2

    User manual of the SeaWinds Data Processor (SDP)

    J Vogelzang, A Verhoef, J Verspeek, J de Kloe, A Stoffelen | Year: 2014


  4. Comparison of automatic and manual precipitation networks in the Netherlands

    This report compares the automatic precipitation network (AN) in the Netherlands with the manual ...

    T Brandsma | Year: 2014


  5. RapidScat wind Product User Manual version 1.1

    Product User Manual of the Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (OSI SAF) RapidScat w...

    A Verhoef, A Stoffelen | Year: 2015