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  1. Assimilation of GNSS-ZTD and radar radial velocity for the benefit of very short range regional weather forecast

    Wind, humidity and temperature observations from aircraft and radiosondes are generally used to f...

    S de Haan | accepted | Quart. J. Royal Meteor. Soc. | 2012


  2. Cyclonen en klimaatverandering

    RJ Haarsma | published | Geografie | 2014 | 23


  3. Meteorological applications of a surface network of Global Positioning System receivers

    This thesis presents meteorological applications of water vapour observations from a surface netw...

    S de Haan | published | Wageningen University | 2008


  4. Quality assessment of high resolution wind and temperature observations from ModeS

    S de Haan | 0-0-2010 | pp0


  5. High-resolution wind and temperature observations from aircraft tracked by Mode-S air traffic control radar

    S de Haan | published | J. Geophys. Res. | 2011 | 116