Bart van den Hurk

Bart van den Hurk

R&D Manager
R&D Weather and Climate Modeling

About me

Bart van den Hurk has a PhD on land surface modelling, obtained in Wageningen in 1996. Since then he has developed a scientific career at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) as researcher, involved in studies addressing modelling land surface processes in regional and global climate models, data assimilation of soil moisture, and constructing regional climate change scenarios. Since 2005 he is part-time professor “Regional Climate Analysis” at IMAU at the Utrecht University. From 2014 onwards he occupies the chair “Climate Interactions with the Socio-Ecological System” at IVM at Amsterdam Vrije Universiteit. Between 2007 and 2010 he was chair of the WCRP-panel GLASS, and member of the Netherlands Climate Changes Spatial Planning program. Since 2008 he is member of the board of NWO-ALW. He is convenor at a range of conferences and HESSD editor. At KNMI he was member of the Institute Reorganisation group (2013), and now leads the R&D section on weather/climate modelling


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