Fred  Bosveld

Fred Bosveld

Research Scientist
R&D Observations and Data Technology

About me

My scientific work focusses on the interaction between the atmosphere and the earth surface. I am responsible for the land atmosphere interaction observations at the CESAR observatory (Cabauw Experimental Site for Atmospheric Research). Corner stones are the long-term time series of surface fluxes including evaporation and of the 200-m tower profiles of wind. I take a special interest in the application of these observations in model evaluation.


I am involved in the GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Studies (GABLS), and I led the 3rd GABLS model intercomparison case which was based on Cabauw observations. I am involved in the project SBW-Windklimaat where extreme wind cases are derived for dike protection in the Netherlands. Recently I became involved in the interpretation of stress observations for Lake IJssel which are performed by Rijks Waterstaat . So over the years a decreasing trend can be observed. Starting with forest observation and studies (Speulderbos), then a grassland site (Cabauw), down to a water surface (Lake Ijssel).


Due to the international position of Cabauw our observations are used by many researchers over the world. This often leads to cooperation in various fields like, turbulence, stable boundary layers, fog, wind energy, evaporation and greenhouse gas exchange. A more exotic topic was the study on transferability of an atomic clock signal through optic fibers where the effect of soil temperature on the optic fiber plays an essential role.