Gert-Jan  Marseille

Gert-Jan Marseille

Research scientist
R&D Satellite Observations

About me

My main field of research is in meteorology, more in particular the use of observations in numerical weather prediction models, also known as data assimilation. Typical examples include the optimal use of observations in the KNMI operational high-resolution limited area (Harmonie) model and simulation and impact assessment of the future ESA Aeolus mission. ;Aeolus will be the first satellite to operate a Doppler wind lidar in space to provide a global coverage of wind observations. Aeolus is expected to be a major step forward in Numerical Weather Prediction. The expected launch is 2017. ;Specialities: (i) Data assimilation, (ii) Observing system simulation and impact assessment of observing systems in operational numerical weather prediction models, (iii) Data analysis, statistics


* ADM-Aeolus simulation, data processing and assimilation; * Data assimilation in the high-resolution mesoscale model Harmonie; * Testing data assimilation of the infrared radiance sounding instrument from the future MeteoSat Third Generation geostationary satellite (MTG-IRS) * Wind climatologies for wind power plant location


* Projectleader forecasting environment noise for the general public; together with RIVM - propagation of noise using forecasts from the high-resolution mesoscale model Harmonie. ;* Cloud retrieval from high-resolution radiosondes - together with Chinese PhD student