Gil  Averbuch

Gil Averbuch

Ph.D candidate
R&D Seismology and Acoustics

About me

PhD candidate at the department of applied geophysics in TU Delft ,The Netherlands. I did my undergraduate degree in geophysics and my M.Sc in geophysics and atmospheric sciences. Both in the department of Geosciences in Tel Aviv University, Israel. My main interest is probing the atmosphere using infrasound (low frequency sound waves in the atmosphere) signals infrasound wave propagation modeling, earth-ocean-atmosphere coupling i.e. the relationship between seismic waves, hydro-acoustic and infrasound waves. Since infrasound waves are sensitive to variations in the atmosphere, their detection can be used to probe the atmosphere with interferometric techniques. In order to study earth-ocean-atmosphere coupling I am using both numerical simulations based on finite differences and finite/spectral elements for full wave modeling and ray tracing models.