Pieter  Smets

Pieter Smets

Infrasound researcher
R&D Seismology and Acoustics

About me

nfrasound researcher at the KNMI and PhD candidate Applied Geophysics at Delft University of Technology. The art of processing and modelling of infrasonic ambient noise to obtain valuable knowledge of the sparse observed middle atmosphere. My expertise and research interest covers infrasound (instrumentation, array processing and analysis, propagation modelling), ambient noise (microbarom observations and simulations) and numerical weather prediction (middle atmosphere dynamics, general circulation models, predictability) with broad interest and experience in remote sensing (radar, lidar, gps, acoustic, gravity field, photogrammetry) and programming (Fortran, OpenMP and MPI). Current research focuses on infrasound data utilization towards data assimilation of operational weather and climate models, and is part of the European project ARISE2 (Atmosphere dynamics Research InfraStructure in Europe, arise-project.eu).