Rob  Groenland

Rob Groenland

Trainer and adviser climate and meteorology
Weather and Climate Services

About me

The common theme in my career is investigating and communicating in (operational) meteorology, setting up new training material/lessons/products and being an intermediar between KNMI and all kind of clients within and outside our institute. As a meteorology student I became interested in practical research and all kinds of questions amongst meteorology: e.g: "Can we understand and predict dynamical processes in the atmosphere especially related to convection”. I work as a trainer/developer and climate adviser in De Bilt. In addition to these activities, I give lectures about all kinds of subject in Climate and weather for a broad group of people including students and HOVO Utrecht .


I prepare and provide all kinds of physical and online trainings for internal KNMI staff but also for the JMG in Woensdrecht. Setting up simulator training for aviation meteorologist; Maintaining and upgrading a severe weather database; add complex weathersituations in close relationship with mesoscale model development. Beiing a meteorological and climate adviser for a variety of clients and PR-activities. I am also involved in the IPCC Dutch Coordination Group.