Wim  Verkleij

Wim Verkleij

Research scientist
R&D Weather and Climate Modeling

About me

I am formally affiliated with KNMI since 1992, although I am familiar with KNMI since 1982. At the moment I am a member of the cluster mesoscale weather prediction models of the group Research and Development on Weather and Climate models. My main field of attention is data assimilation, in particular of radar data. I am furthermore interested in all aspects of the dynamics of weather systems, both on large and on small scales.


My work in the field of data assimilation is part of KNMI's contribution to the HIRLAM-ALADIN consortium on regional numerical weather prediction. I am involved in an MSO project (Meerjarig Strategisch Onderzoek - Long-term Strategic Research) that is aimed at a better use of high-resolution observations in mesoscale weather prediction models. Of a more theoretical nature is my work on the use of statistical mechanical methods in understanding the statistics of forced-dissipative fluid systems such as the climate system.


My most recent work concerns the application of statistical mechanics to a two-dimensional fluid system. The question that I wish to address is how to use this theory to find parameterizations of the average effect of scales that are not explicitly described by a given numerical model.