Tommi  Bergman

Tommi Bergman

Postdoctoral Researcher
R&D Weather and Climate Modeling

About me

I studied aerosol modeling within global climate models at Finnish Meteorological Institute. I obtained a PhD in Applied physics from University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Finland) in 2015. Soon thereafter I started a three-year post-doc period KNMI in 2016 to work on coupling of a land surface model with an aerosol model.


My main interest is the impact of aerosols on the global climate and air quality. I work on improvement of aerosol model TM5 within the global climate model EC-Earth in the EU Horizon2020 project CRESCENDO. Main aim for my work within CRESCENDO is the development of interactive aerosol emissions from a land surface model. Also as part of CRESCENDO I do development of TM5 and EC-Earth, which will used e.g. to participate in CMIP6 and AerChemMIP. My work will also contribute international project AeroCom aimed at improving the aerosol description across all global aerosol models.