About KNMI

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) is the Dutch national weather service. Primary tasks of KNMI are weather forecasting and monitoring of weather, climate, air quality and seismic activity. KNMI is also the national research and information centre for meteorology, climate, air quality, and seismology.


The Netherlands is a densely-populated, highly-technical community in a delta area. In the event of disasters, the chance of human loss and economic damage is high, which is why safety, as well as habitability and accessibility, have been high on the political and social agenda for many years. Among other things, this includes the consequences of extreme weather conditions, climate change, sea level rise, earthquakes, air quality, volcanic ash and solar storms.

Our mission

KNMI focuses on monitoring and warning for risks with an atmospheric or seismic origin. In addition,  KNMI offers advice and strategy prospects for both acute and future dangers. In order to improve future advice and therefore reach risk reduction, we actively seek to learn from past events. We do this together with our environment: the general public, authorities and (weather) businesses. We continuously innovate our service and thereby create (sustainable) economic opportunities for business, while we contribute to keeping the Netherlands safe, accessible and habitable.

24/7 operational availability

Our unique task is the gathering of information about the atmosphere and the subsurface and the translation of that information to risks to the community. We strive to make our high-quality knowledge and information in the area of weather, climate, and seismology operationally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we continuously extend and deepen this knowledge in co-operation with research institutes, universities and businesses.

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Infographic KNMI in overview
Infographic KNMI in overview
Infographic KNMI weather and climate models
Infographic KNMI weather and climate models
Infographic KNMI satellites
Infographic KNMI satellites

Our contribution to climate research and products

As a scientific institute KNMI contributes to the international climate research and contributes to the process and reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The KNMI is constantly optimizing its measuring network and refining its climate models, which run on the KNMI supercomputer. These model calculations form the basis of the KNMI climate scenarios for the Netherlands. With this, KNMI offers a unique product that can be used by policy advisors and other professionals to take the necessary decisions to guarantee safety and sustainability in the Netherlands in a changing climate. We show how the climate of the Netherlands evolves in the coming decades for a wide range of atmospheric variables.

That knowledge we share with you. Individuals, companies, road authorities, air traffic controllers and politicians use our prognoses to reduce risks caused by climate change and to find new opportunities. Even though we don't know exactly how our future climate will be like, the knowledge that we can offer as KNMI helps the Netherlands to deal with future uncertainties.

Our people

KNMI is an organization of professionals who have a high degree of expertise in various scientific disciplines such as meteorology, climatology, oceanography and seismology. See the profiles of our people.


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