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Our unique task is the gathering of information about the atmosphere and the subsurface and the translation of that information to risks to the community


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  • Aeolus

    Aeolus Launched !

    The first Doppler wind lidar in space has been launched.
  • A comparison of SO2 concentrations from the Agung eruption on Bali from GOME-2A and TROPOMI (Image credit: DLR)

    First results from the TROPOMI instrument

    The first results from the TROPOMI instrument on board ESA’s Sentinel 5-Precursor (S5P) satellite show global pollution in stunning clarity.

    Aeolus moves towards launch

    The Vacuum testing of the Aeolus Satellite in Liege has started. The mission will measure atmospheric wind profiles using a Doppler laser-radar technique. Aeolus carries one of the most sophisticated instruments ever to be put into orbit: Aladin, which includes two powerful lasers, a large telescope and very sensitive receivers.

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About KNMI

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

Is the dutch national weather service. Primary tasks of KNMI are weather forecasting, and monitoring of weather, climate and seismic activity. KNMI is also the national research and information centre for meteorology, climate, air quality, and seismology