Hurricane eye morphology extraction from SAR images by texture analysis

Weicheng Ni, Ad Stoffelen, Kaijun Ren

Tropical hurricanes are among the most devastating hazards on Earth. Knowledge about its intense inner-core structure and dynamics will improve hurricane forecasts and advisories. The precise morphological parameters extracted from high-resolution spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images, can play an essential role in further exploring and monitoring hurricane dynamics, especially when hurricanes undergo amplification, shearing, eyewall replacements and so forth. Moreover, these parameters can help to build guidelines for wind calibration of the more abundant, but lower resolution scatterometer wind data, thus better linking scatterometer wind fields to hurricane categories. In this paper, we develop a new method for automatically extracting the hurricane eyes from C-band SAR data by constructing Gray Level-Gradient Co-occurrence Matrices (GLGCMs). The hurricane eyewall is determined with a two-dimensional vector, generated by maximizing the class entropy of the hurricane eye region in GLGCM. The results indicate that when the hurricane is weak, or the eyewall is not closed, the hurricane eye extracted with this automatic method still agrees with what is observed visually, and it preserves the texture characteristics of the original image. As compared to Du’s wavelet analysis method and other morphological analysis methods, the approach developed here has reduced artefacts due to factors like hurricane size and has lower programming complexity. In summary, the proposed method provides a new and elegant choice for hurricane eye morphology extraction.

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Weicheng Ni, Ad Stoffelen, Kaijun Ren. Hurricane eye morphology extraction from SAR images by texture analysis
Journal: Frontiers of Earth Science, Volume: 16, Year: 2022, doi: