The London, Paris and De Bilt sub-daily pressure series

Richard C. Cornes, Theo Brandsma

The construction of sub-daily pressure series is described for the cities of London (GB) and Paris (FR). The series extend back 1692 and 1748, respectively, and as such they represent two of the longest sub-daily series of barometric pressure available. These series are updated from the previously documented London and Paris daily series and offer more homogeneous series, and in the case of the London series a more temporally complete sequence of data. A pairwise homogenization procedure has been applied to the two series alongside the long series of pressure that exists for De Bilt (NL). The De Bilt series has been available for some time in the International Surface Pressure Dataset (ISPD), but further quality control and homogeneity-checking procedures have been applied to the data in this paper and therefore the three series are released together in this dataset. The series are of immediate interest for understanding changes to storm activity across the English Channel and North Atlantic region over an extended timeframe but may also be assimilated into reanalysis datasets such as the 20th-century reanalysis.

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Richard C. Cornes, Theo Brandsma. The London, Paris and De Bilt sub-daily pressure series
Journal: Geoscience Data Journal, Year: 2023, doi: 10.1002/gdj3.226