Climate4impact is a portal aiming to enhance the use of climate research data.

It has been developed within the European projects IS-ENES, IS-ENES2 and CLIPC. Climate4impact is connected to the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) infrastructure, using certificate based authentication, ESGF search, openid, opendap and thredds catalogs. The portal aims to support climate change impact modellers, impact and adaptation consultants, as well anyone else wanting to use climate change data. The portal offers web interfaces for searching, visualizing, analyzing, processing and downloading datasets.

Besides the data services, there is a large set of use cases and user guidance documentation available. This to provide users with examples on how climate model data can be used and explaining the climate model basics.

Climate4impact has been operational since 2015 and has a monthly average of 2000 users. It provides the data and user services backend for the CLIPC portal.