KNMI Data Platform

KNMI Data Platform (KDP) is the access point for all meteorological, climate and seismological data in the Netherlands.

The KNMI Data Platform (KDP) is a leading platform for meteorological, climate and seismological data in the Netherlands. It contains a large collection of datasets that are freely accessible and easy to use as Open Data.

The data available has a wide range: the current weather observations, climate data, satellite and radar data and data from earthquakes. Thus making the platform interesting to use for a wide range of users: scientists, weather amateurs, application developers, corporate companies and many more.

Accessing the data available can be done in several ways. Data could be downloaded via the KDP directly, but we also offer an API allowing developers to connect their own applications directly with KDP. By hosting the KDP in the cloud it is able to quickly provide large amounts of data via the API. The cloud allows us to be scalable and maintain a high availability of the platform including the API.

The KDP is in operation since August 2020 and is a replacement of the old KNMI Data Centre (KDC). It has over 600 registered users and montlhy over 26TB of data is downloaded. The KDP can be found here: (for the Dutch version see