The C3S Data Rescue Service Portal

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) Data Rescue Service Portal is a web-based user-updatable system to coordinate and facilitate global data rescue activities.

The portal provides searchable activity information and metadata on past, current, and planned data rescue projects, as well as tools, software, and guidelines to facilitate all stages of the data rescue process.

C3S Data Rescue Services includes an online Registry Service for users to upload metadata information related to rescued data. The Registry metadata base contains Inventories for Land Surface Stations, Upper Air Fixed and Moving Platforms and Marine Platforms.

A prototype portal is running since December 2017 and will be operational in 2019. Capacity Building workshops will be hosted during 2017 and 2019 in two key locations bringing together consortium partners and additional participants from the surrounding regions to encourage the development of support networks.

The service will develop and maintain the technical support services and best practice guidelines needed by users to facilitate all steps of the data rescue procedure; from consolidating paper archives to imaging data formatting and quality control, whilst piloting the use of new techniques and approaches to data digitisation.

C3S Data Rescue Service Portal