Preliminary development for EarthCARE Level-2 algorithms.

The main objective of the ``Cloud and Aerosol Synergetic Products from EarthCARE Retrievals’’ (CASPER) project concerned the definition and development of high priority L2 geophysical retrieval algorithms for EarthCARE. In particular, this project aimed to provide:

  • A review of mission products traceable to the mission requirements
  • Definition and development, where appropriate, of a comprehensive, and as complete as possible, set of L2 algorithms that use the instruments (Lidar, Radar and Imager) individually or in synergy to derive a set of Level-2 products.

CASPER was lead by Deimos space B.V. and involved the Univ. of Reading, the Univ. of McGill and DWD. It ran from Npv 2007-2009.