Long-term satellite-based cloud property datasets

The Cloud_cci is part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative covering satellite-based data products for various atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial essential climate variables (ECVs). In phase 1 (2010-2013) prototype algorithms and datasets were developed, while phase 2 (2014 – mid 2017) focuses on the generation of multi-decadal global cloud property datasets.

In phase 1 the main contribution of KNMI was in a retrieval algorithm inter-comparison effort as well as in validation of the prototype cloud properties. In phase 2, KNMI co-develops a satellite product simulator and applies it for the evaluation of the KNMI regional climate model RACMO.

Daily composite of cloud liquid water path in kg/m2 from model hindcast (left), simulator applied to model output (middle), and Cloud_cci AVHRR-based dataset (right).