Dragon 4, Air quality over China

Research into air quality in China in cooperation with Chinese and European partners

Since the start in 2004 KNMI is already participating in the Dragon programme of ESA and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the P.R. China. From this programme many fruitful cooperations between KNMI and Chinese institutes have grown. This has among others led to the start of a joint center for research on atmospheric composition with the university NUIST in Nanjing. Currently KNMI is leading the project on air quality over China using satellite observations within the fourth phase of Dragon. The project will focus on a better understanding of the sources and processes of air pollution.We have the following focus areas of research:

  • Satellite-derived aerosol properties over mainland China: application to air quality and trend analysis
  • Air Quality Observations and Emission Estimates: Emission will be derived from satellite observations to study the sources of air pollution and to improve the air quality modelling,
  • Assessment of the characteristics, sources and impact of haze in China.