Near-real time and historic Meteosat cloud properties, surface radiation, and precipitation

Since 2011, KNMI operates a service (MSG-CPP) by which near-real time and historic satellite observations of cloud properties, surface radiation, and precipitation are provided to users in an interactive way. The data are retrieved from the SEVIRI instrument onboard EUMETSAT’s Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellite, and are particularly attractive because of their high temporal frequency of 15 minutes combined with a 3x3 km2 sub-satellite spatial resolution. Retrieval algorithms have been developed in EUMETSAT’s Climate Monitoring Satellite Application Facility (CM SAF) as well as other European and national projects. The basic retrieved parameters are cloud mask, cloud-top height, cloud thermodynamic phase, optical thickness, particle effective radius, and water path. From these parameters surface downwelling shortwave radiation is derived as well as precipitation. Applications of these data products range from scientific studies of clouds and their radiative/hydrological effects to monitoring solar energy yields.

Screenshot of the MSG-CPP website showing surface downwelling shortwave radiation.