Visiting Scientist program – Satellite Observations department

Visiting Scientist program at the KNMI R&D Satellite Observations department

As a way to foster a diverse intellectual environment, the R&D department of Satellite Observations of KNMI (RDSW) is pleased to welcome visiting scientists from universities or research institutes during the course of the year. Visits can occur for one week up to twelve months. Ordinarily, visiting scientists are (1) established scholars who must hold a doctoral degree or (2) a PhD candidate and (3) they are in most cases on temporary leave from their universities or research centers.

KNMI RDSW will provide visiting scientists with office space. For visits longer than a month, a computer account and access to KNMI facilities will be arranged. For non-EU citizens who are accepted, we will assist in obtaining the correct type of visa. It is expected that the visiting scientist:

  • Has sponsorship by a KNMI staff member.
  • Will reside at KNMI for the majority of time for the duration of their visit.
  • Has funding from their home universities or from outside grant or funding agencies. For those being sponsored on a visa, a funding threshold must be met.
  • Will conduct a seminar that showcases their research at KNMI.
  • Will submit a joint research paper if the visit is longer than 4 months.
  • Is from a research institute or university of similar scientific level as KNMI and a common interest for cooperation exists.
  • Has a sufficient working knowledge of the English language. (IELTS score of at least 6.5)

A short application including CV and research plan should be submitted by interested parties via the sponsor at KNMI. Reviews of these applications will be conducted by the steering group of RDSW based on the available capacity for supervising and office space.