All Risk Integrated System TOwards Trans-boundary hoListic Early-warning

ARISTOTLE will deliver world leading multi-hazard capability to the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC). ARISTOTLE has been designed to offer a flexible and scalable system that can provide new hazard-related services to the ERCC and to create a pool of experts in the field of Meteorology and Geophysics of Europe that can support the ERCC with regard to situation assessments in crisis situations.

The new services system is set up in a way that it builds up on and adds value to existing information systems and sources, and that it fully respects national and regional responsibilities. As required, a multi-hazard scientific partnership and its governance will be created to ensure the holistic understanding of crisis management in natural disasters with interrelated consequences and cascade & linked effects, which may lead to an unforeseen chain of events. Within ARISTOTLE, a collaborative network of scientific and operational experts will be established across Europe to exploit the available scientific and technological expertise and to assure mutual learning and improved coordination based on a multi-hazard approach, including the definition and implementation of the required prevention countermeasures, enhancing the information provided to the ERCC and, through the governance structure, ensuring a collaborative dialogue with the national mandated civil protection authorities.