The European Plate Observing System

EPOS aims at creating a pan-European infrastructure for solid Earth science to support a safe and sustainable society. EPOS will enable innovative multidisciplinary research for a better understanding of the Earth’s physical and chemical processes that control earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ground instability, tsunami, and all those processes driving tectonics and Earth’s surface dynamics.

To accomplish the EPOS mission, a long-term integration plan is necessary. The EPOS Implementation Phase builds on the achievements of the successful EPOS Preparatory Phase (2010-2014) and the current on-going ESFRI project EPOS IP (2015-2019) and the establishment of the EPOS-ERIC legal entity (expected by 2018).

Within EPOS, ORFEUS is the European infrastructure for seismic waveform data and related metadata. Within the Netherlands, both KNMI and ORFEUS have strong collaboration with the Utrecht University to strengthen the EPOS community in the Netherlands