R&D Seismology and Acoustics at the EGU

23 April 2019

Between the 7th and 12th of April, the European Geoscience Union (EGU) hosted the 2019 general assembly in Vienna. Over 16.000 researchers from 113 different countries presented their work, including researchers from R&DSA. The work presented by R&DSA covers the fields of seismology, infrasound, atmospherical studies, hydro-acoustics and meteo-tsunami's.

The EGU is Europe’s largest geoscience conference and brings scientists of various disciplines together. This annual meeting is the perfect place to share results and receive feedback. The conference encourages networking and discussion with colleagues from other research institutes that could lead to new insights.

The R&DSA group was well represented at the EGU. R&DSA researchers contributed to a total of 21 submissions (oral, poster and PICO presentations) in various sessions.

Oral presentations:

[Assink et al.] Analysis of Atmospheric Gravity Waves form the 2017 North Sea Meteo-Tsunami.

[den Ouden et al.] CLEAN beamforming for an enhanced separation of infrasound sources in array data.

[Sleeman et al.] Cross correlation analysis of ambient noise recorded in the Caribbean Netherlands to minitor volcanoes The Quill and Mt. Scenery.

Poster presentations:

[van Ginkel et al.] Using Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio’s to characterize subsurface seismic properties in Groningen, the Netherlands.

[Smink et al.] Influence of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer on Infrasound Detectability.

[Trani et al.] Building the EPOS-ORFEUS Competence Center in EOSC-hub

[Weemstra et al.] Systematic detection and correction of instrumental time shifts using crosscorrelation of ambient seismic noise.

[de Zeeuw - van Dalfsen et al.] Temperature monitoring of the hot spring opposite Green Island on Saba, Caribbean Netherlands.


[Smets et al.] Why does acoustic thermometry not perform well on small aperture arrays such as H03S?