People from the department of Weather & Climate Models

Name Function
Barkmeijer, Jan Researcher
Bars, Dewi le Climate research scientist
Bintanja, Richard Climate research scientist
Dorland, Rob van Senior Advisor Climate Change
Drijfhout, Sybren Senior Onderzoeker
Geertsema, Gertie Researcher
Haarsma, Rein Research scientist
Huijnen, Vincent Onderzoeker
Lenderink, Geert Scientist
Moene, Toon Onderzoeker
Noije, Twan van Research scientist
Oldenborgh, Geert Jan van Klimaatonderzoeker
Rijkhold Meesters, Frans Luchtvaartmeteoroloog
Rooy, Wim de Scientist
Sager, Philippe Le Research Software Engineer
Schmeits, Maurice Researcher
Selten, Frank Climate research scientist
Sterl, Andreas Scientist
Ulft, Bert van Researcher
Velthoven, Peter van Senior Scientist
Verkleij, Wim Research scientist
Vries, Hans (J.W.) de Research scientist
Vries, Hylke de Onderzoeker
Weele, Michiel van Research scientist
Williams, Jason Adviseur/specialistisch Medewerker