Deborah C.  Stein Zweers

Deborah C. Stein Zweers

Adviseur Specialistisch Medewerker
R&D Satellite Observations

About me

As a part of the R&D Satellite Observations department, I work with OMI and TROPOMI data and spend much of my time working with a small project team to define and develop the Sentinel-5P/TROPOMI Mission Performance Center (MPC). This entity is responsible for quality monitoring and validation of all TROPOMI algorithms and resultant data products. I am involved in management and communications for the S5P/TROPOMI MPC. Highlights include developing and maintaining the TROPOMI and MPC website. With respect to satellite observations, I have most experience with the aerosol index (UVAI) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) data products, where I have been involved in algorithm development for UVAI and extensive (validation) field campaign work with NO2 data. As a part of the DISCOVER-AQ and City-Sonde Science projects, I have used the KNMI NO2-sonde in the field with tethered balloon and on bicycle platforms. These projects have been aimed at capturing fine scale variability in both vertical and horizontal dimensions near the surface where NO2 concentrations are highly variable. I enjoy the challenge of bringing together the world of satellite data and in situ and ground-network datasets as we aim to validate and better understand satellite observations of trace gas and aerosol variability near the surface and in the troposphere.


I have participated in the recent DISCOVER-AQ air quality field research campaigns that have taken place in the United States.