Cisco de Bruijn

Cisco de Bruijn

Research Scientist
R&D Observations and Data Technology

About me

Cisco de Bruijn graduated at Utrecht University in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography (1997). He has been secunded to MetEierann in Dublin where he worked on Quantative Precipitation Forecasts with HIRLAM in the framework of the TELFLOOD project. He has been involved to the GEWEX/GABLS project studying the Atmosferic Boundary Layer (ABL). He contributed to the KNMI Parameterization Testbed (KPT) which provided a daily monitoring of NWP and climate models. He has experience with Single Column modelling of HIRLAM, HARMONIE and with FLake, a 1D FLake model for the icethickness prediction. Later his interest moved toward upper air observations in the ABL from hot-air balloons. He has set-up a field experiment with a hot-air balloon equipped with several instruments. He has reported his findings in peer-reviewed research papers and showed the added value of hot-air balloon derived winds.


GABLS2: Diurnal Cycle GABLS3:Stable Boundary layer, Low Level Jet FLake: Lake parameterisation, icethickness predictions for Dutch inland waters. KPT daily monitoring of NWP and Climate models, MSO Crowd sourcing and data quality, Off-line collection on Hot-air Balloon data applying navigational records from balloonists and real time collection of data from smart phones.


Assimilation of MODE-S EHS observations in HARMONIE Observing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer from moving platforms