Integrated modelling of anthropogenic emissions, climate change and policy relevant impacts

Anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, aerosols and precursor gases affect the climate through radiative forcing, but also have impacts on air quality, health, food production, land use and ecosystems. An integrated approach is therefore required to assess the costs and benefits of climate mitigation scenarios and policy options. Integrated assessment models, such as the IMAGE model of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL), employ simplified descriptions of the climate and atmospheric composition. This project aims to improve the representation of atmospheric composition in KNMI’s global climate model EC-Earth and develop improved methods for a combined use of EC-Earth and IMAGE.

Schematic illustration IMACI
Schematic illustration of the different work packages and how they relate to the different model components. TM5 and IFS (Integrated Forecasting System) are both components of the climate model EC-Earth. LLGHGs is short for long-lived greenhouse gases, SL