Projects from the department of Weather & Climate Models

  1. The interreg logo
    EMFloodResilience: KNMI involved in European cooperation to be better prepared for flood events

    By providing a new method of extreme value estimation and improving radar products, KNMI is involved in an Interreg project to help being better prepared for future flood events.

  2. Schematic illustration of the climate system in the vicinity of an ice sheet like Antarctica.
    MSO: Coupling an ice sheet model to EC-Earth to investigate future Antarctic contribution to sea level rise

    An Ice Sheet Model (ISM) will be coupled to EC-Earth

  3. The control EPS
    A seamless connection of nowcasting with probabilistic forecasting of clouds and precipitation (NWC_PROBFC_HYDROMETEOR)

    The goal of this research project is to improve nowcasting and probabilistic forecasting of clouds and precipitation in the weather model Harmonie, which is operational at KNMI in ensemble mode.

  4. A figure showing how changes in mean climate and climate variability effect the number of extreme events.
    MSO Climate Variability and Extremes (VAREX)

    We aim to better understand future changes in climate variability and extremes in Europe, and will contribute to the climate knowledge used in the KNMI climate scenarios. We will create a novel set of perturbed-physics large-ensemble model simulations. 

  5. Next generation atmospheric chemistry modeling
    OpenIFS/AC: atmospheric composition in OpenIFS

  6. Results for a machine learning system using constraints from physics for Burgers' equation.
    Short-term Forecasting Using Physics-Guided Machine Learning

    Society is strongly affected by extreme weather events and it is expected that this will become more noticeable in the future.

  7. a logo for the imprint project

    Improvement of sub-seasonal probabilistic forecasts of European high-impact weather events using machine learning techniques

  8. CRIME schematic

    Cloud Representation, IMprovement and Evaluation in the HARMONIE model


    An improved turbulence scheme for Harmonie-Arome

  10. Illustration of CAMS surface NO2

    Development of Global Reactive Gases Aspects for the Copernicus Atmospere Monitoring Service

  11. Schematic illustration IMACI

    Integrated modelling of anthropogenic emissions, climate change and policy relevant impacts

  12. logo CRESCENDO

    Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, kNowledge, Dissemination and Outreach

  13. Schematic of the CMIP/CMIP6 experiment design

    Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6

  14. Example WWA/CDKN

    World Weather Attribution / Climate and Development Knowledge Network


    Near-future Arctic climate change and its impact on the Netherlands and on Dutch policy

  16. Infographic TWEX

    Translating Weather Extremes into the Future – a case for Norway

  17. Infographic PRIMAVERA

    Process-based climate sIMulation: AdVances in high-resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment

  18. foto G4INDO

    Geodata for upgrading smallholders’ farming systems in Indonesia


    Generator of Rainfall And Discharge Extremes

  20. Infographic MESO4DVAR

    Moist observations in HARMONIE 4DVAR and diagnosis of its performance (MSO project)

  21. Infographic IMPROBUS

    Improved use of high-resolution observations (MSO project)

  22. Infographic Altim

    Validating recently-developed twenty-first century regional sea level projections using satellite observations

  23. Infographic ICOWEX

    Impacted by coincident weather extremes: How clustered and compound extreme weather events imprint on our society now and in the future

  24. infographic Space2rain

    Exploring spatial and temporal dependencies of rainfall extremes to enable adaptation in The Netherlands delta

  25. ARGO measurement

    Ocean modelling & measurements: ARGO