OpenIFS/AC: atmospheric composition in OpenIFS

The current version of OpenIFS does not contain atmospheric chemistry and aerosol components, as developed in CAMS. Once integrated in OpenIFS, this may open up new scientific applications of benefit to, e.g., studies in the area of composition-climate or NWP interactions,  CAMS and satellite retrievals. Key motiviations for KNMI are to allow a more efficient and consistent treatment of trace gases and aerosol within EC-Earth, and to support future retrieval products, for instance based on TropOMI, which require state-of-the-art modeling (e.g. higher resolution, accurate description of trace gases and aerosol).

Therefore a strategic research project has started in 2019, with the general goals:

  • Tropospheric and stratospheric chemistry as developed within CAMS will be ported into OpenIFS.
  • The description of aerosols based on the TM5-M7 modules will be introduced in OpenIFS, in support of EC-Earth developments.
  • Use of the system will be demonstrated for TROPOMI satellite retrieval applications.


Next generation atmospheric chemistry modeling
Next generation atmospheric chemistry modeling

Contact: Vincent Huijnen