Pauline  Kruiver

Pauline Kruiver

Senior seismologist
R&D Seismology and Acoustics

About me

Pauline Kruiver is senior seismologist at KNMI in the reseach and development group of seismology and acoustics, RDSA. My activities comprise both research and stakeholder involvement. My research focuses on induced seismicity due to mining activities in the subsurface. Seismicity related to gas extraction in Groningen is well known. Research and advice related to Groningen include seismic hazard, site amplification and contributions to the Dutch Building code for earthquake resilient building design (NPR-9998). Recently, seismicity due to other mining activities, such as salt mining, gas storage and geothermal systems received more attention. Geothermal energy ambitions in the Netherlands for decades to come are high and possible associated seismicity needs to be assessed and monitored closely. My topics of research include an update of the natural seismic hazard, development of induced seismicity hazard models, methods for distinguishing between natural and induced seismic events and optimal monitoring network design. The results of my research feed into newly developed protocols for screening seismic hazard for geothermal systems and other applications.