Projects from the department of Satellite observations

  1. Temis Logo
    Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service (TEMIS)

    Near real-time satellite data products of the atmospheric composition.

  2. O3

    Satellite Application Facility on Atmospheric Composition Monitoring

  3. Figure credit: M. Gottwald et al: SCIAMACHY, Monitoring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere; DLR, 2006

    Calibration/Validation of SCIAMACHY data products

  4. SACS image 1

    The Support to Aviation Control Service (SACS) aims at supporting the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers. This is achieved by delivering NEAR REAL-TIME data of SO2 and volcanic ash derived from satellite measurements. The SACS multi-sensors system also include

  5. EUNADIC1 logo

    The European Natural Airborne Disaster Information and Coordination System for Aviation, a H2020 project. Towards closing the significant gap in European-wide data and information availability during airborne hazards.

  6. varsy fig.

    Multi-sensor synergeric algorithm development for the Earth Clouds and Radaition Explorer mission.

  7. Fig1.

    Operational lidar Algorithms for The Earth Clouds and Aerosol Radiation Explorer mission.

  8. Fig1

    Future advanced muli-wavelength space-borne lidar feasability study/

  9. ATLAS processing chain.

    Lidar algorithms for the Earth Clouds and Radiation Explorer mission (EarthCARE)

  10. CASPER Fig1

    Preliminary development for EarthCARE Level-2 algorithms.

  11. ARISTOTLE Fig 1.

    A flexible multi-hazard service supporting the Emergency Response Coordination Center of the European Union. Provides early warnings, comprehensive 24/7 reporting, and - on request - analyses by expert panels.

  12. Sea ice Northern Hemisphere.
    A historic record of sea ice extents from scatterometer data

    A consistent record of sea ice extents and ice age from scatterometer data from 1991 to the present.

  13. HAIC
    High Altitude Ice Crystals (HAIC; a EU FP7 project)

    Ice clouds and aviation impacts

  14. Fig.1: CFOSAT spacecraft in orbit.
    CFOSAT (China France Oceanography SATellite) RFSCAT Scatterometer Wind Processing

    International cooperative wind retrievals.

  15. KNMI UVLidar at Ascension.
    ASCension Island Initiative (ASCII)

    The ASCension Island Initiative (ASCII) is a project to study cloud and smoke interactions over the southeast Atlantic Ocean.

  16. Stability of the calibration coefficients of the six ASCAT scatterometer radar beams on board the EUMETSAT Metop-A satellite. The stability in dB corresponds approximately to an accuracy in m/s. The calibration is relative to the mean values over 2013.
    Long-term Scatterometer Wind Climate Data Records

    A wind scatterometer is a radar instrument mounted on a weather or research satellite that sends pulses of energy (centimeter radio waves) to the sea surface and then measures the energy scattered by centimeter waves on the sea surface.

  17. AURORA logo

    Simulated data from the Sentinel-4 and Sentinel-5 missions are used to determine (tropospheric) ozone and UV dosimetry.

  18. Screenshot of the GEOMon webtool for selection of validation sites.

    GEOMON - Select Validation Sites

  19. M. Gottwald et al: SCIAMACHY, Monitoring the Changing Earth's Atmosphere; DLR, 2006

    SCIAMACHY -SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY