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  1. Rainfall generator for the Rhine basin; single-site generation of weather variables by nearest-neighbour resampling


  2. Rainfall Generator for the Meuse Basin; Inventory and homogeneity analysis of long daily precipitation records

    For the development of a stochastic weather generator for the Meuse basin, the homogeneity of the...


  3. Rainfall generator for the Meuse basin; Development of a multi-site extension for the entire drainage area

    A stochastic weather generator is constructed to simulate long series of precipitation and temper...


  4. Multi-site simulation of daily precipitation and temperature in the Rhine basin by nearest-neighbor resampling

    TA Buishand, T Brandsma | Status: published | Journal: Water Resources Research | Volume: 37 | Year: 2001 | First page: 2761 | Last page: 2776


  5. Simulation of extreme precipitation in the Rhine basin by nearest-neighbour resampling

    T Brandsma, TA Buishand | Status: published | Journal: Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences | Volume: 2 | Year: 1998 | First page: 195 | Last page: 209