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  1. Numerical Guidance Methods for Decision Support in Aviation Meteorological Forecasting

    Numerical guidance methods for decision support of aviation meteorological forecasters are presen...

    AJM Jacobs, N Maat | published | Weather and Forecasting | 2005 | 20


  2. Support for Tropical Atmospheric Research (STAR): Final Report

    The overall objective of the STAR project (Support for Tropical Atmospheric Research) is to stren...

    GHL Verver, P Fortuin, CR Becker, M De Maziere, B Dix, J Notholt, T Warnecke, H Kelder, S Naipal, O Schrems, F Immler, M Fujiwara | 2006 | 2006


  3. SCIAMACHY Data Assimilation 2, National User Support Program 2I, project 34.1/AP-14

    JF Meirink, H Eskes, M van Weele, H Kelder | NUSP-2 report 02-08 | 0-0-2003 | pp49


  4. First assessent commissioning superzoom measurements 19-14 November 2004

    MR Dobber | 2004 | 2004


  5. EU project STAR: Support for Tropical Atmospheric Research.

    GHL Verver | 2004 | 2004