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First 620 results for ” YM Timofeyev”

  1. Ground-based validation of EOS-Aura OMI NO2 vertical column data in the midlatitude mountain ranges of Tien Shan (Kyrgyzstan) and Alps (France)

    Ground-based UV-visible instruments for NO2 vertical column measurements have been operating at I...

    D Ionov, YM Timofeyev, VP Sinyakov, VK Semenov, F Goutail, JP Pommereau, EJ Bucsela, EA Celarier, M Kroon | published | J. Geophys. Res. | 2008 | 113


  2. SIS timing Issues

    M van Hoek | TN-OMIE-KNMI-789 | 27-2-2006 | pp0


  3. Solar Cal Timing Revisited

    M van Hoek | TN-OMIE-KNMI-858 | 23-11-2006 | pp0


  4. Timing dark current measurements

    JJ Claas | TN-OMIE-KNMI-920 | 19-1-2009 | pp0


  5. CS8: Times series information, Final report

    The CS8 project focuses on the digitization of data sources of long time series of meteorological...

    T Brandsma, R Jilderda | 2011 | 2011