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First 1906 results for ” BJJM van den Hurk”

  1. discharge simulations performed with a hydrological model using bias corrected regional climate model input

    bjjm van den hurk | Status: published | Journal: Hydrology and Earth System Sciences | Year: 2009 | First page: 2387 | Last page: 2397 | doi: doi:10.5194/hess-13-2387-2009


  2. an intercomparison of regional climate simulations for europe:assessing uncertainties in model projections

    bjjm van den hurk | Status: published | Journal: Climatic Change | Year: 2007 | First page: 53 | Last page: 70


  3. LS3MIP (v.1.0) contribution to CMIP6: The Land Surface, Snow and Soil moisture Model Intercomparison Program - aims, set-up and expected outcome

    BJJM van den Hurk et al. | Status: published | Journal: Geoscientific Model Development | Volume: 72 | Year: 2016


  4. Diagnosing land-atmosphere interaction from a regional climate model simulation over West Africa

    BJJM van den Hurk, E van Meijgaard | Status: published | Journal: J. Hydrometeor. | Volume: 11 | Year: 2010 | First page: 467 | Last page: 481 | doi: 10.1175/2009JHM1173.1


  5. Weer en water in de 21e eeuw - Een samenvatting van het derde IPCC klimaatrapport voor het Nederlandse waterbeheer

    Het derde klimaatrapport van het Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is gepubliceerd...

    JJ Beersma, BJJM van den Hurk, GP Konnen | Year: 2001