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First 107 results for ”VN Kudryavtsev”

  1. The impact of the air flow separation on the drag of the sea surface

    VN Kudryavtsev, VK Makin | Status: published | Journal: Bound.-Layer Meteorol. | Volume: 98 | Year: 2001 | First page: 155 | Last page: 171


  2. Coupled sea surface-atmospheric model 1. Wind over waves coupling

    A wind over waves coupling scheme to be used in a coupled wind waves-atmosphere model is describe...

    VK Makin, VN Kudryavtsev | Status: published | Journal: J. Geophys. Res. | Volume: 104 | Year: 1999 | First page: 7613 | Last page: 7623


  3. Dynamical coupling of surface waves with the atmosphere

    VK Makin, VN Kudryavtsev | Year: 1999


  4. Wind-over-waves coupling

    VK Makin, VN Kudryavtsev | Year: 2003


  5. The physical model of the sea surface interrelating with the atmospheric boundary layer

    VN Kudryavtsev, VK Makin | Year: 1999