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First 968 results for ” MJ Wooster”

  1. A fast spray-proof anemometer

    A fast spray-proof anemometer 

    W.A. Oost | Year: 1974 | Pages: 15


  2. Report of the ASGASEX'94 workshop

    Report of the ASGASEX'94 workshop

    W.A. Oost | Year: 1995 | Pages: 65


  3. The ASGASEX experiment

    The ASGASEX experiment

    W.A. Oost  | Year: 1994 | Pages: 31


  4. Long-term temporal relationships between environmental conditions and xylem functional traits: a meta-analysis across a range of woody species along climatic and nitrogen deposition gradients

    The objectives of this study were to provide a quantitative description of the long-term effects ...

    M Borghetti, T Gentilesca, S Leonardi, T van Noije, A Rita, M Mencuccini | Status: published | Journal: Tree Physiology | Volume: 37 | Year: 2017 | First page: 4 | Last page: 17 | doi: 10.1093/treephys/tpw087


  5. Constraining global methane emissions and uptake by ecosystems

    R Spahni, R Wania, L Neef, M van Weele, I Pison, P Bousquet, C Frankenberg, PN Foster, F Joos, IC Prentice, PFJ van Velthoven | Status: published | Journal: Biogeosciences | Year: 2011 | First page: 1643 | Last page: 1665 | doi: 10.5194/bg-8-1643-2011